Aventon Recalling Sinch.2 Folding eBikes: Addressing Safety Concerns

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In a significant development impacting e-bike enthusiasts, Ride Aventon has initiated a voluntary recall of their Class 2 Sinch.2 folding electric bicycles. This action, taken in coordination with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), addresses concerns over unexpected acceleration issues that pose crash and injury hazards. The recall involves about 2,300 units sold across various platforms.

Detailed Recall Information

Product Description:

The recall is focused on the Sinch.2 electric bicycles, which are distinguished by their foldable design and robust 500W motor. These bikes, available in elegant quicksilver and vibrant sapphire colors, feature a distinctive folding mechanism, making them a convenient and portable option for urban commuters and leisure riders alike. The bikes are easily recognizable with the “Aventon” branding on the downtube and the “Sinch.2” label on the chain stay.

Identified Hazard:

The primary safety concern triggering this recall is the bikes’ unexpected acceleration. This malfunction can occur without warning, potentially leading to a loss of driving control and an increased risk of crashes and injuries for riders. Such sudden and uncontrolled acceleration is especially dangerous in urban environments with heavy traffic or crowded pedestrian areas.

Reported Incidents:

In the context of the recent recall, Ride Aventon Inc. has been attentive to customer feedback and incident reports related to the Sinch.2 model. To date, the company has documented six distinct instances where users experienced sudden and unexpected acceleration while operating these e-bicycles. This phenomenon is particularly concerning as it occurs without any prior warning, potentially catching riders off guard.

The nature of these incidents varies but shares a common theme of the e-bike accelerating rapidly without input from the rider. Such scenarios can be extremely dangerous, especially in situations where the rider is navigating through traffic, crowded areas, or when making turns. The abrupt increase in speed can lead to a loss of control, posing significant risks not only to the rider but also to pedestrians and other vehicles in the vicinity.

Although these six reported incidents have fortunately not led to any physical injuries, the severity and unpredictability of this malfunction cannot be understated. The potential for serious harm is evident, as uncontrolled acceleration can easily result in collisions, falls, or other accidents. Riders might be thrown off balance, leading to crashes, or they might inadvertently veer into the path of obstacles or other road users.

Ride Aventon’s decision to initiate a proactive recall stems from a recognition of these risks. The company is committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of its products and has taken this issue seriously. By acknowledging the problem and acting swiftly to address it, Ride Aventon is demonstrating a responsible approach to product safety and customer care.

Remedy for Consumers:

In response to the identified safety issue with the Sinch.2 folding e-bicycles, Ride Aventon is implementing a comprehensive remedy to protect consumers. This approach reflects the company’s dedication to customer safety and its commitment to maintaining high standards for its products.

  1. Immediate Cessation of Use: The primary advice for consumers and buyers is to immediately stop using the recalled e-bikes. This precautionary measure is very crucial in preventing any potential accidents or injuries that might arise from the known issue of sudden acceleration. By ceasing the use of these e-bikes, consumers can effectively mitigate the risk of unexpected incidents while the remedy is being applied.
  2. Free Repair Service: To address and resolve the issue, Ride Aventon is offering a free repair service to all owners of the affected Sinch.2 e-bicycles. This service is not just a gesture of goodwill but a necessary step to ensure that the e-bikes are safe for use. The company is likely absorbing the costs associated with this repair, reflecting its commitment to customer safety and satisfaction.
  3. Software Update for the E-Bike’s Controller: The central component of the repair service is a software update for the e-bike’s controller. This update is a critical intervention that targets the root cause of the sudden acceleration problem. By updating the software, the company aims to rectify any flaws or bugs that are causing the e-bikes to behave erratically. This software update is a sophisticated solution that likely involves adjustments to the e-bike’s operating parameters, ensuring that acceleration only occurs as intended by the rider.
  4. Ensuring Safe Operation: The ultimate goal of this remedy is to ensure the safe operation of the Sinch.2 e-bicycles. By addressing the issue instantly and providing a tangible solution, Ride Aventon is working to restore confidence in its product. The software update is expected to eliminate the risk of unexpected acceleration, thereby making the e-bikes reliable and safe for everyday use.
  5. Accessibility and Convenience: Ride Aventon is likely to ensure that this repair service is accessible and convenient for all affected customers. This might involve coordinating with a network of authorized dealers or service centers where consumers can bring their e-bikes for the software update. The company’s efforts in facilitating this process demonstrate its understanding of the inconvenience caused by the recall and its dedication to minimizing the impact on its customers.

Point of Sale:

The Sinch.2 e-bicycles were widely available, being sold through various bicycle stores nationwide and notable online retailers, including BestBuy.com and Eriksbikeshop.com. The sales period was from April 2023 to August 2023, and each unit was sold for around $1,800.

Importer and Manufacturing Details:

The e-bikes in question were imported by Ride Aventon Inc., headquartered in Brea, California, and were manufactured in China.

Recall Number and Additional Actions:

This recall is officially identified as number 24-075. In addition to the repair service, Ride Aventon is conducting extensive outreach to consumers to ensure that all owners of the affected models are aware of the recall and the steps they need to take.

Contact Information for Consumers: Owners of the recalled Sinch.2 e-bicycles are encouraged to immediately get in touch with an authorized Ride Aventon dealer to schedule their free repair. For further inquiries, customer service can be contacted at 866-300-3311 or via email at info@aventon.com. More information, including detailed instructions and locations of authorized dealers, is available on the Aventon recall page.

Ride Aventon’s decision to recall these e-bikes is a testament to their commitment to customer safety and responsible business practices. The company urges all owners of the Sinch.2 e-bicycles to take swift action to avail of the free repair service, thereby ensuring their safety and the safety of those around them while enjoying their rides.



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