eBike Basket: A Valuable Addition To Your Life

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Ebikes are getting popular day by day. An electric bike is a bicycle having an Electric battery and a motor to assist in pedaling a bicycle. Ebikes provide ease as well as fun in riding a bicycle. They are a great blessing for those who have some disability or feel pain in riding a conventional normal bike as these bikes enable them to roam around at the expense of Electric energy. An e-bike basket is an accessory basket or box that is attached to an e-bicycle to carry some weight, groceries, personal belongings, etc. Normally conventional bicycles and e-bikes, both have the same type of baskets attached to them. We’ll review different types of bike baskets and their respective pros and cons in the lines below.

Types of e-bike Basket

E-bikes have different types of baskets depending upon how are they placed. We’ll discuss a few of them in the lines below :

Front-side e-bike basket

We can see these types of baskets are very common in front of many bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, etc. The front basket looks very attractive and purposeful for the riders. Most of these are easily adjustable.


These types of baskets are very useful. One can put things inside the basket even while riding a bike. The applications of this type of basket might be personal. For example, one may put his phone in this basket while using it with handsfree or wireless handsfree i.e. the ones with Bluetooth.

Sometimes these are spacious enough to let the hawkers throw newspapers while distributing newspapers by placing the newspapers in the basket. You can also put and carry daily life groceries in your front side e bicycle basket.


As these are adjustable and removable, they are insecure. If you park your e-bicycle alone somewhere outside, someone may steal the front e-bike basket or the goods inside the e-bike basket.

Rear Side e-bike basket

As the name shows these are the baskets that are adjusted above the rear wheel of e-bikes. Once you fix them on the rear side of a bicycle, it’s hard to re-adjust them. Normally they are adjusted above the carrier stand of a bicycle. These are bigger in size than front-side baskets.


A rider may carry a bulk of goods by using it.  One can even put big boxes on the rear and can even tie them with a strap over the rear side basket. To ensure the safety of not only yourself but other people out there on the road, one can attach light reflectors to the rear side basket of an electric bike.  


While riding a bicycle, riders don’t look back most of the time. So one cannot take good care of the things that were placed in the rear side of the bike basket. A second person can’t sit behind the rider if one adds a rear side basket on his bicycle. A bigger basket may mean more weight to carry and consequently less mileage per charge of the battery.

Bottle holder rack/basket

This is the water bottle holder mount placed on the frame of a bicycle. Riders normally place water bottles inside that holder. Any other thing of a similar shape may also be attached there.


Like the frontside basket, a rider may also use this one while riding a bicycle. He/she may place a water bottle inside the rack/basket and without breaking the momentum of cycling he/she can drink water and quench the thirst. This is more suitable for professional cyclists though.


It will take some more space on the bicycle. If the bottle holder/basket is loose, it may come out of the holder on some bumpy road causing your smooth ride-related experience to be disrupted.


Well, although these are bags and not actually baskets they can be used for the purpose of baskets. Panniers can be installed at the front, rear, or in the middle of the bicycle frames. These are easily adjustable and movable. After reaching the destination one can put off the panniers from the bicycle and can bring panniers with him anywhere easily.


A large amount of goods can be transported inside the panniers. Things inside panniers are covered and hence your privacy is assured. Panniers are fairly adjustable and amazing. If the fabric of the pannier is water resistant, then you may even transport goods safely in rain.


Most of the panniers are not waterproof, so things may get wet in heavy rain. The fabric of the pannier may catch fire easily.

Material used in the composition of the e-bike basket

E-bicycle baskets are available in different types of material. These baskets may be made of metal wire, wicker cane, fiber plastic, etc.

One should be careful while using wicker baskets because they may catch fire easily.

Fibre plastic-made baskets are fragile and can break easily. Even if a heavy load is put on them there are chances of basket break. Whereas metal wire baskets are solid and durable.

The call for innovation

There are chances of e-bike basket thefts in countries where inflation and poverty rates are at very high levels. Manufacturers should try to make bicycle baskets that can be locked with bicycle frames.

Bicycle baskets, especially rear ones, should be covered from the top. They should also have a lock on them, so that a rider may keep his things protected and safe during his journey.

Opportunity to earn from your bicycle basket

One can also turn his/her bicycle into a useful tool for earning. One can decorate their e-bike basket or make contracts with companies to advertise them or their product by wrapping their bicycle basket with their company’s product.

Bicycles and its accessory manufacturers and/or opposers of oil and gas consumption companies may be your potential clients.

Also, delivering groceries from door-to-door in remote places might be a good idea. Becoming a paper boy while carrying the newspapers in the basket of your e-bike is also a practical idea to follow.

Wrap up 

It can be concluded that the addition of an e-bike basket to your bicycle can be very beneficial for you in your daily course of life. You can put all sorts of things (as per the space available in your basket) to make the best use of your time.



Karan, an eBike specialist, brings a unique blend of technical expertise and passion for sustainable transport. He boasts three years in the electric mobility sphere, with hands-on experience in various eBike brands. Beyond his work, he loves embarking on outdoor adventures riding his eBike.

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