Grizzly Ebike Range: A Comprehensive Review

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Commercial manufacturing of e-bikes has seen an upsurge in recent years. Many manufacturers of e-bikes have now started producing e-bikes and what is more amazing about the bikes is that they are selling like hotcakes even in this era of recession. One brand that is quite popular among bike users is Grizzly e-bikes. We shall review Grizzly ebike range in the lines below.

Grizzly Ebike Range

We have selected the following e-bikes from Grizzly e-bikes for the sake of review:

Grizzly Xtreme Fat Ebike

  • Material of Construction

This ebike is mostly composed of Aluminum Alloy.

  • Brakes

 It utilizes BB5 disc brakes which have a rotor diameter of 180 mm.

  • Motor

 It has a front motor hub. It makes use of a motor that has a 1000W power rating and operates on 48V. 

  • Weight

The weight is 51 lbs which is moderately on the high side in my opinion.

  • Charging

The manufacturer supplies these bikes with 3A charges which are capable of providing long-lasting charging. As per some users, it takes 4 hours to charge the bike completely. 

  • Speed

It is capable of achieving speeds up to 25-30 miles per hour.

  • Battery

 The battery is waterproof and sealed. It is of Lithium-ion type. The control unit takes 22 Amperes of current to function.

Courtesy: JJ Xtreme Ebikes

Grizzly 52V Dual Motor Ebike

This is a classy product from Grizzly e-bike manufacturers. It is a commercially successful e-bike. The foundation of its success lies in the duality of its features. 

  • Duality of Features

Not only does it have two motors (one for the front and rear wheel each), but it has two batteries and a dual suspension system as well. The motors of this class of Grizzly e-bikes have a power rating of 1000W in routine and an 1850W capacity for peak power supply. 

The two batteries slightly differ in their aspects. The one with 20Ah is mounted on the frame of the bike whereas the other one is placed under the seat post. The one under the seat post has a rating of 15 Ah. So, the combined rating of the two batteries is 35 Ah. 

  • High Mileage

The manufacturer claims that this bike is capable of covering 55-110 miles with a single charge but the riders must actually expect somewhat less than this. As per the information available to us, this range is 75 miles on average.

  • Good Load Carrier

           This e-bike has been designed in such a way that it can carry two persons at a time. There is a seat-like arrangement for this purpose.

  •   Smooth Ride

This e-bike is designed to provide riders with a smooth, bump-free ride. It comes with finely machined rear suspensions for this purpose. 

  • Option for Drive

This bike gives the rider a choice to choose between front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and both wheels drive simultaneously. This is quite an interesting and indigenous feature. I have not seen this feature in any other e-bike as of now (it might be existing though). 

  • The Tyres

It is generally accepted that fat tires provide the bike with a better grip. This e-bike has moderately fat tires and hence the riders experience a good grip on the road. Moreover, the tyres are puncture-proof which makes this bike a suitable option for riding across all kinds of terrains.

  • Lights

This ebike comes with a front headlight as well as a rear light which makes its visibility quite good. Visibility with e-bikes is an issue and providing the lights is a good solution as it counts as a safety measure and reduces the chances of accidents in low visibility conditions such as at night or in the fog.

Courtesy: Aerial Rider Website


We have listed 02 Grizzly e-bikes above. These e-bikes have distinct features which make them an ideal choice for different kinds of riders. I like the 52V dual motor ebike more. The reason for my liking is that it comes with the duality of features which has already been explained in the lines above. This is a great benefit for any rider since if one of the motors goes out of order, he may still enjoy the ride while engaging the second one. The same can be said about its batteries as well. However, we urge the readers to explore the market, take reviews from existing users, and then make a well-informed decision before concluding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Grizzly a China-based company?

A: No, Grizzly is not a Chinese company. Rather it is based in the US and has a manufacturing facility there as well.

Q: Why is Grizzly 52V better due to its tires?

A: Grizzly 52V has a better grip on the road surface and this is attributable to its fat tires. A better grip means a safer and smoother ride.

Q: Why is the Grizzly 52V ebike different from other e-bikes?

A: The answer to this question might be seen as a subjective one. However, in my opinion, it is the liberty of choosing between front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or both wheels simultaneously that makes this bike different from others.

Q: Are Grizzly e-bikes sold with a return policy?

A: The answer to this question is subjective too. Different online stores selling Grizzly e-bikes may have different policies. However, some stores are offering a return option up to 15 days from the date of purchase.



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