How To Make eBike Faster?

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The modern world seeks technological solutions to eliminate environmental pollution and, as a result, enhance one’s health in the long term through affordable transportation. This is where eco-friendly ebikes evolved to embrace micro-mobility and tackle climate change. 

Electric bikes take an innovative and adaptable approach to assisting with biking, improving fitness, and lowering costs. Aside from being simple to use, they have a durable construction with numerous alternatives for a cruiser, commuters, mountains, and roads. 

However, for a speed lover, the solution to making an electric bike faster can be difficult. In general, ebikes have a default speed limit intended to tolerate a certain level of stress. But you’ll be surprised to learn that you may quickly tweak and de-restrict the machine to make your ebike speedier. 

This blog outlines several practical ideas for making your ebike quicker and feeling the wind blow through your hair as you enjoy your fast ride.

Tip #1 – Keep That Battery Charged!

The battery in your e-bike is crucial to its performance. It’s analogous to the shot of espresso that accelerates your e-bike to top speed. When completely charged, your e-bike is practically full of energy. However, as the battery declines, your speed decreases. But here’s the thing: before you embark on your heart-pounding joyride, always make sure your battery is fully charged!

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Tip #2 – Change Those Tires

Let’s talk about tires now. If your e-bike has huge off-road or mountain bike tires, it’s time for a new outfit. Replace them with smooth road tires and watch the transformation. Road tires provide less resistance, allowing you to slide faster than a nighttime ninja. But be careful, use these tires only on well made roads in the urban areas.

Tip #3 – Pump Up Those Tires

Consider your e-bike tires to be your reliable sidekicks. For them to carry out their superhero tasks, they require a bit extra air. All of a sudden, they’re more pumped than a rock concert audience when you pump those tires. You’ll feel like a superhero yourself when you roll farther with each pedal when your tires are more pressurized. Just be ready for a ride that is a little bit bumpier.

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Tip #4 – Say Goodbye to Speed Limiters

Let’s now address those deceptive speed limiters. On our e-bikes, manufacturers want to put speed limits only to be safe. But what fun is it going to be? Find the wire that controls your speed limit, unhook it, and watch as your e-bike escapes its virtual confines! Only do this if you are a pro riders.

Tip #5 – Trick the Speed Sensor

Fans of mid-drive e-bikes, this one’s for you. Your rear wheel’s speed sensor functions similarly to the speedometer on an e-bike. Transfer it to your crank since it rotates more slowly than your back wheel by nature. As you ride by in stealth mode, your e-bike’s computer won’t be able to tell. But be careful. Don’t go into need for speed mode right away. Increase your pace slowly to see if you and the bike can handle it.

Tip #6 – Play with Software Settings

Have you ever wondered if your e-bike has hidden turbo settings and is waiting to reward you? It’s now time to master e-bike hacking! Play about with those settings in the software and try uploading a new firmware. Who knows what abilities you might discover hidden? Pro tip: read the software manual, which will give you in-depth knowledge.

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Tip #7 – Give Your Motor Some Love

Let’s now discuss the motor, which is the beating heart of your e-bike. Consider the Kv value of your engine to be its distinct speed characteristic. A motor with a greater Kv number is what you’ll need if you want to go faster. You can either get a new motor with a little more oomph or, if you’re feeling very daring, attempt to rewind your current motor. It’s similar to remodeling your motor. Make sure you get it done under expert guidance to avoid safety hazards.

Tip #8 – Upgrade Your Battery

And lastly, it’s time for a boost of energy! Increasing the voltage of your battery is similar to giving your e-bike two shots of espresso. You have two options: replace your present battery with a higher voltage one or add more cells to your current battery pack using creativity. Almost like a superhero power-up sequence for your e-bike!


Now, speed demons, here’s the deal: we know that blasting up the speed levels of your e-Bike is just too exciting to resist. But remember that greater powers come with great responsibilities. You have to ride the ebike with utmost safety. You are not only responsible for your own safety but for the safety of other people around you as well. Hence, avoid riding fast on busy roads and unknown paths. Before you think about testing the speed limits, you must familiarise yourself with the area. Make sure there are no schools or playgrounds nearby. Keep your helmets and safety gear on to protect yourself from injuries.

Increase the speed gradually and test if you can handle the bike well. Follow the traffic rules and watch out for speed limits to avoid fines. 

Dive deep into the inner mechanics and working of your e-bike’s motor, controller, and batteries in order to choose the speed-boosting maneuvers best fitting for your style. Keep in mind that some mods come with their trade-offs – reduced range or slower acceleration, for example.

Now get outside, let the wind whip past you, and just enjoy the adrenaline of riding on an e-bike faster than ever before. Pump up the adrenalin and hit the roads like the speedster that you were meant to be!


Make these modification under the supervision of an expert in the topic. Don’t try the do-it-yourself methods unless you are a full expert with years of experience and knowledge. Some modifications may interfere with the terms of your insurance policy for the ebike. 



Karan, an eBike specialist, brings a unique blend of technical expertise and passion for sustainable transport. He boasts three years in the electric mobility sphere, with hands-on experience in various eBike brands. Beyond his work, he loves embarking on outdoor adventures riding his eBike.

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