Magicycle eBike: Cruiser Addition Review

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Introduction: A New Player in the E-Bike Market

The Magicycle Cruiser, an electric fat bike from a less-known brand, is entering the competitive e-bike market with a notable 750W motor and a larger-than-average battery. This review examines how the Magicycle Cruiser aims to stand against established electric fat bike brands with its promising features and performance.

Bike Design and Features:

Aesthetic Appeal:

  • Stylish Frame Design: The Magicycle Cruiser is designed with an eye-catching frame that not only stands out for its aesthetics but also for its functionality. The design is modern and sleek, appealing to riders who value both style and substance in their bikes.
  • Semi-Integrated Battery: A key feature of the Cruiser’s design is its semi-integrated battery, which is thoughtfully incorporated into the frame. This integration enhances the bike’s overall appearance, making it look more streamlined and less cluttered compared to models with external battery packs.

Motor Performance:

  • Robust 750W Motor: The heart of the Magicycle Cruiser is its 750W motor, offering substantial power and torque. This motor is particularly efficient in hill-climbing scenarios, providing the necessary thrust to tackle steep inclines with ease.
  • Class Contender: With its robust motor, the Cruiser positions itself as a formidable competitor in its class. The motor’s capability ensures that the bike can handle a variety of terrains and challenges, making it suitable for a range of riding styles and preferences.

Battery Life:

  • Competitive Battery Endurance: The Cruiser’s battery life is a standout feature, offering endurance on par with other affordable electric fat bikes in the market. This aspect is crucial for riders looking for reliability and extended range without constant recharging.
  • Range Suitability: The battery’s capacity means that riders can enjoy longer trips and more adventurous rides without the worry of running out of power prematurely. This feature enhances the bike’s utility for both daily commutes and more leisurely explorations.

Component Quality:

  • Well-Equipped Package: Excluding the brakes, the Magicycle Cruiser’s component package is well-aligned with the expectations for bikes in its price range. This includes a mix of reliable and functional components that contribute to the bike’s overall performance and durability.
  • Standard Features for Its Category: The Cruiser comes equipped with standard features typical of its category, ensuring that riders have all the necessary elements for a comfortable and efficient ride. These components are chosen to provide a good balance of quality and value, making the Cruiser a practical choice for budget-conscious riders.

Handling and Ride Experience:

The Magicycle Cruiser stands out for its handling and ride experience, which are crucial factors for any cyclist looking for a versatile and comfortable e-bike. Here’s an in-depth look at these aspects:

Riding Dynamics:

  • Balanced Ride: The Cruiser is designed to offer a balanced and stable ride, which is a significant advantage for both new and experienced riders. This stability is especially beneficial on mixed terrain, where balance can greatly influence ride quality.
  • Versatility in Use: Whether it’s for cruising along bike paths or venturing onto light off-road trails, the bike’s dynamics are adaptable. Its design enables for a smooth transition across surfaces, delivering a consistent riding experience.
  • Comfort in Motion: The bike’s suspension and frame geometry contribute to a comfortable ride, absorbing shocks and reducing the strain on the rider. This makes it suitable for longer rides where comfort becomes increasingly important.

Ergonomic Design:

  • Comfort-Focused Structure: The ergonomic design of the Magicycle Cruiser focuses on maximizing rider comfort. This is evident in the positioning of the seat, handlebars, and pedals, which are all aligned to create a natural and comfortable riding posture.
  • Ease of Handling: The bike’s design ensures that handling is intuitive and straightforward, making it accessible to riders of various skill levels. The ease of handling is particularly noticeable when maneuvering through turns or navigating in tight spaces.
  • Responsive Controls: The placement and responsiveness of the controls on the Cruiser contribute to its ergonomic design. Riders can easily access and use the various controls without having to strain or adjust their riding position, which enhances the overall ride experience.

Concerns and Drawbacks:

While the Magicycle Cruiser presents several appealing features, there are notable concerns and drawbacks that potential buyers should be aware of, particularly regarding speed regulation and the braking system:

Speed Regulation Issues:

  • Class 3 E-Bike Misalignment: Though the Magicycle Cruiser is marketed as a Class 3 e-bike, which typically has a maximum assisted speed limit, tests have shown that it can surpass these legal speed thresholds. This discrepancy raises concerns about the bike’s compliance with regulations and its suitability for certain roads and bike paths.
  • Difficulty in Speed Adjustment: Users have reported challenges in adjusting and maintaining the bike within legal speed limits. The inability to configure and retain speed settings not only poses a legal issue but also affects the rider’s control and safety, especially in shared or public spaces.

Braking System Shortcomings:

  • Underperforming Brakes: One of the most critical concerns with the Magicycle Cruiser is its braking system. The unbranded mechanical disk brakes installed on the bike have been found to underperform, especially considering the bike’s high-speed capabilities and significant weight.
  • Safety Implications: The inadequate braking performance poses a substantial safety risk. Effective braking is crucial for e-bikes capable of high speeds, as it directly impacts the rider’s ability to control the bike and stop safely in various riding conditions. The longer stopping distance could lead to an increased risk of accidents, particularly in emergency braking scenarios.

Electrical Specifications:

  • Powerful Motor: The bike is powered by a 750W Shengyi rear hub motor, offering a notable torque of 86Nm.
  • Battery Capacity: It features a 52V, 15Ah (780Wh) battery, slightly larger than the average in its category, providing a decent range.
  • Additional Features: The bike includes an LCD display, integrated headlights, and taillights, and offers a range of pedal assist levels with a twist throttle.

Physical Specifications:

  • Bike Weight and Capacity: The bike weighs 76 lbs and can support a total payload capacity of 350 lbs, with a maximum load of 55 lbs on the rear rack.

Components and Accessories:

  • Build Details: The bike’s frame is constructed from 6061 Aluminum, and it comes equipped with a suspension fork, mixed Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, and 26×4” Kenda fat tires.
  • Additional Accessories: It includes mechanical disk brakes, fenders, a comfortable saddle, ergonomic grips, an alloy riser bar, and a wellgo alloy pedal.

Ride Comfort and Handling:

  • Handling Quality: The Cruiser performs well in terms of handling, being most comfortable on bike paths and light-duty gravel roads. Its neutral and intuitive handling aligns with the expectations of riders in this category of e-bikes.
  • Cockpit and Comfort Features: The bike’s cockpit is set up in a standard eMTB style, with a user-friendly display and comfortable seating, making it a pleasant ride overall.

Final Assessment:

Despite its promising features and competitive pricing, the Magicycle Cruiser’s issues with speed regulation and braking performance warrant caution. For those interested in the Magicycle Cruiser, it may be prudent to consider other options within the affordable electric fat bike category that offer similar specifications but come from more established brands.

About Magicycle:

  • Company Background: Magicycle’s origins are rooted in a passion for biking and innovation. The company’s founder, inspired by childhood experiences and a dedication to cycling, majored in energy and power engineering, aiming to blend the freedom of biking with the power of motorized vehicles.
  • Inception and Mission: The motivation to design a special e-bike for the founder’s father, who could no longer ride traditional bikes due to arthritis, led to the creation of Magicycle. The brand aims to bring the joy and freedom of e-biking to a broader audience, focusing on innovation and rider-centric design.


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