Talaria Ebike – MX4 Electric Dirt Bike Review

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Introduction: A Leap into Electric Excellence

The Talaria Sting MX4 electric dirt bike emerges as a marvel in the realm of electric motorcycles, showcasing a fusion of cutting-edge performance and innovative design. This machine is an embodiment of modern technology, tailored for both avid off-road enthusiasts and daily commuters. Let’s dive into the details of what makes the Talaria Sting MX4 a standout in its class.

Source: https://talariacanada.com/talaria-sting-r-mx4/

In-Depth Specifications: Engineering and Design

Vehicle Dynamics:

  • Chassis: Crafted from 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Alloy, forged under a colossal 6000 tons of pressure, and treated with an anodizing surface method, the frame promises both strength and agility.
  • Suspension and Wheels: Equipped with Fastace/Talaria Factory front forks and rear shocks, and sporting 19” tires, this bike is designed to tackle rough terrains effortlessly.
  • Lighting and Safety: The LED headlight ensures visibility, complemented by the bike’s impressive ground clearance of 300mm and a comfortable seat height of 840mm.

Motor Mechanics:

  • Heart of the Bike: A DC IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) motor, nestled in the frame’s midsection, weighs a mere 7.0 kg. With a peak efficiency of 92% and air-cooled, it delivers power smoothly and reliably.

Control System:

  • Precision and Efficiency: The FOC controller, weighing 2 kg with dimensions of 248mm x 128mm x 50mm, offers a peak efficiency of 92% and can handle temperatures up to 100°.

Power System:

  • Energy Core: Operating on a 60V system, factory limited to 1000W, the bike achieves a maximum speed of 20mph/32 km/h. The nominal torque of 45 N.M adds to its vigorous performance.

Transmission and Electronics:

  • Smooth Transition: The gearbox and chain transmission with gear ratios of 8.35/9.18 ensure seamless power delivery.
  • Battery and Monitoring: The 60V 45AH battery, featuring LG Brand 21700 cells, is monitored through a comprehensive speedometer that also allows for regen adjustment.

Performance Review: Riding the MX4

Source: https://talariacanada.com/talaria-sting-r-mx4/

The Talaria Sting MX4 is a synthesis of power and precision. The 14 kW (18.7 hp) IPM motor, complemented by a 2.7 kWh lithium-ion battery, offers a range of 40-60 miles on a single charge. Its 230mm brake rotors with regenerative braking, adjustable front and rear suspension, and rugged tires make it a formidable off-road contender.

Pros and Cons of the Talaria Sting MX4 Electric Dirt Bike

When considering the Talaria Sting MX4, it’s essential to thoroughly examine its strengths and weaknesses. This bike represents a significant leap in electric motorcycle technology, and understanding its pros and cons can help you make an informed decision.


  1. Powerful Motor with Instant Torque: The heart of the MX4 is its robust 14 kW (18.7 hp) IPM motor. This motor is known for delivering instant torque, which translates to quick, responsive acceleration. This feature is particularly beneficial for off-road riding, where sudden bursts of speed are often needed.
  2. Impressive Range and Battery Efficiency: One of the most striking features of the MX4 is its long range. The 2.7 kWh lithium-ion battery can provide a range of 40-60 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for extended off-road adventures or daily commuting without the worry of frequent recharging.
  3. Lightweight and Agile: Despite its power-packed performance, the MX4 maintains a lightweight frame, thanks to the 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Alloy construction. This lightweight nature, coupled with its well-balanced structure, makes the bike exceptionally easy to maneuver, whether navigating through rugged terrain or city streets.
  4. Off-Road Capabilities: The MX4 is decked with features tailor-made for off-road challenges. Its suspension system, knobby tires, and ground clearance are all designed to handle rough terrains. These features provide riders with the confidence to tackle various landscapes, from rocky paths to muddy trails.


  1. High Price Point: Priced at $5999.99 CAD, the MX4 falls into the higher price range of electric dirt bikes. This price tag may be a significant consideration for those on a budget or first-time buyers who are hesitant to invest a substantial amount in their initial purchase.
  2. Battery Removal Challenges: Some users have reported difficulties in removing the battery. This can be a drawback for those who prefer to charge their batteries off the bike or need to frequently remove the battery for storage or maintenance purposes.
  3. Build Quality Issues: There have been instances where users have shown some concerns on the build quality of the MX4. While these reports are not widespread, potential quality issues could lead to additional maintenance or repairs down the line, impacting the overall ownership experience.

Overall Verdict: Evaluating the Ideal Rider for the Talaria Sting MX4

Source: https://talariacanada.com/talaria-sting-r-mx4/

The Talaria Sting MX4, with its blend of high-performance attributes and versatile capabilities, presents itself as a compelling option for a diverse range of riders. Here’s a more detailed look at who the MX4 is most suited for:

  1. Off-Road Enthusiasts: The MX4 shines in off-road environments. Its powerful motor, instant torque, and robust suspension system cater perfectly to those who crave the thrill of navigating through challenging terrains. For off-road aficionados who demand a bike that can effortlessly conquer steep inclines, rough trails, and uneven landscapes, the MX4 stands as a top contender.
  2. Urban Commuters Seeking an Eco-Friendly Option: For those looking to combine the practicality of city commuting with environmental consciousness, the MX4 offers an attractive proposition. Its zero emissions and quiet operation make it an eco-friendly choice, while its lightweight design and long-range battery ensure ease of maneuverability and reliability for daily commutes.
  3. Beginners Ready to Invest in Quality: Beginners who are serious about entering the world of electric dirt biking and are willing to invest in a high-quality bike will find the MX4 a rewarding choice. Its user-friendly features, such as adjustable regenerative braking and a manageable seat height, provide a comfortable learning curve for new riders.
  4. Experienced Riders Looking for Advanced Features: Seasoned riders will appreciate the MX4’s advanced features like its efficient power delivery, high ground clearance, and sophisticated suspension setup. These features cater to the demands of experienced riders who expect superior performance and capability from their dirt bikes.
  5. Tech-Savvy Individuals: The MX4’s integration of modern technology, from its sophisticated motor to its advanced battery management system, will appeal to tech enthusiasts. Those who appreciate the convergence of technology and transportation will find the MX4’s state-of-the-art components and design highly appealing.
  6. Riders Who Prioritize Low Maintenance: Thanks to its electric nature, the MX4 requires less maintenance compared to traditional gas-powered dirt bikes. This aspect is particularly appealing to riders who prefer spending more time riding and less on maintenance.

About Talaria Electric Bikes: Pioneering Electric Adventures

Talaria Electric Bikes symbolize a revolution in motorcycle engineering. They are dedicated to crafting lightweight electric motorcycles using top-notch materials like aircraft-grade aluminum and innovative electric drive systems. Known for their robust and thrilling performance, TALARIA bikes are changing the landscape of electric motorcycling, providing riders with an unparalleled off-road experience.



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