The Top 5 Electric Bikes with the Longest Range

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A Guide to the Longest-Range Electric Bikes

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are bicycles with an integrated electric motor that provides pedal assistance. This allows riders to travel longer distances and climb hills more easily compared to regular bicycles. In recent years, developments in battery technology have enabled e-bike manufacturers to significantly increase the range of their models. This article will provide an overview of the longest-range e-bikes available today and the technology behind them.

What Determines an E-Bike’s Range?

The range of an electric bike is primarily dependent on the capacity of its battery. Most e-bikes today use lithium-ion battery packs, which offer high energy density and low self-discharge. Higher capacity batteries allow the e-bike motor to provide assistance for longer distances between charges. However, increased battery capacity also makes the pack larger, heavier, and more expensive.

Other factors impacting the range include:

  • Motor efficiency: More efficient motors use less battery energy per mile.
  • Level of pedal assistance: Using higher assistance levels drains more battery.
  • Riding conditions: Headwinds, hills, rider weight all impact range.

Leading Long-Range E-Bike Models:

1.   Juiced Scorpion

The Juiced Scorpion features an exceptionally large 17.5Ah battery paired with a 750W hub motor to deliver incredible range. Juiced claims up to 200 miles per charge under ideal conditions.

The standout features include:

  • A large 52V 17.5Ah Samsung battery results in a total capacity of 910Wh
  • Rear geared hub Bafang motor rated for 750W of nominal power
  • Its relatively lightweight aluminium frame given the oversized battery
  • Upright riding position suits longer distance touring style of riding
  • Integrated headlight, taillight, and turn signals for visibility and safety

While 200 miles in a single trip may be difficult, expect a real-world range of at least 100+ miles even under challenging conditions. The Scorpion sets the benchmark for affordable long-range commuting and adventure touring.

2.   Optibike R22 Everest

The Optibike R22 Everest is an ultra-long-range adventure e-bike capable of traveling up to 300 miles on a single charge. It features a massive 3.26 kWh battery pack combined with a powerful mid-drive motor to tackle demanding terrain. The bike provides an unmatched combination of range, power, and off-road capabilities.

The standout features include:

  • Industry-leading 52V 62Ah (3,260Wh) LG lithium battery
  • Enables up to 300 miles of real-world range (claimed)
  • Takes 10+ hours to fully recharge from empty
  • Optibike PowerStorm custom mid-drive motor
  • 86 lb-ft (190Nm) of torque and 2,500W peak power
  • Dual crown suspension fork and rear linkage shocks
  • SRAM eTap electronic shifting and hydraulic disc brakes
  • Integrated lights and accessories powered via the main battery

The R22 Everest sits at the pinnacle of electric bike engineering with its incredible range-to-weight ratio. It provides unmatched capabilities for adventuring into backcountry terrain.

3.   Riese & Müller Delite GT Touring

German e-bike manufacturer Riese & Müller is well known for long-range touring models like the Delite GT Touring which can cover between 180-230 miles by utilizing an advanced dual battery setup.

The standout features include:

  • Custom-developed dual battery system with 680Wh and 700Wh packs
  • Active Line Plus drive system from Bosch provides a smooth 85Nm of torque
  • Suspension on both front and rear wheels improves comfort over long distances
  • The low step-through model allows easy mounting for touring riders
  • Packed with high-end components like Gates belt drive and hydraulic brakes

The Delite GT Touring is among the most capable touring e-bikes money can buy. Real-world ranges over 150 miles are easily achievable for most riders.

4.   Specialized Turbo Como SL

The Specialized Turbo Como SL combines a lightweight carbon fiber frame with an integrated 625Wh battery and smooth pedal-assist motor to reach up to 180 miles in ideal riding conditions.

The standout features include:

  • Custom Specialized SL 1.1 mid-drive motor offers up to 240W of assistance
  • The integrated 625Wh battery is neatly stowed in the downtube
  • Carbon belt drive and internally geared hub for low maintenance
  • Upright geometry suits longer days spent riding in comfort
  • High-quality components like hydraulic brakes and adjustable suspension

With its blend of comfort, technology, and performance, the Turbo Como SL exemplifies Specialized’s e-bike engineering capabilities with real-world ranges over 100 miles.

5.   Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB

Dutch e-bike maker Gazelle focuses on practicality and reliability. The Ultimate T10 HMB uses a 500Wh Panasonic battery and Bosch motor to achieve a max range of 174 miles.

The standout features include:

  • Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor gives 50Nm of torque
  • Low step-through model for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Comfortable upright geometry suitable for longer rides
  • Integrated lighting powered by a main battery with auto on/off
  • The rear rack, fenders, chainguard, and other accessories included

However, likely falling short of its 174-mile claim, expect over 100 miles of real-world range from the thoughtfully designed Ultimate T10 HMB.

Battery Technology Innovations

The increased range of modern e-bikes is enabled by innovations in lithium-ion battery technology over the past decade, including:

  • Improved energy density: Newer cathode chemistries like NMC811 pack more energy per kg.
  • Advanced manufacturing: Optimized production results in lower internal resistance and less waste heat.
  • Battery management systems: Careful monitoring and charging control maximizes cycle life.
  • Lightweight designs: Carbon fiber and aluminum housings reduce weight without sacrificing resilience.

Continuing research on alternative anode materials like silicon graphene holds promise for even higher-capacity lithium-ion cells suitable for e-bikes in the future

Take Away

In recent years, e-bikes have attained ranges unimaginable for most cyclists. Models from major manufacturers can now easily achieve 100+ mile ranges on a single charge due to better lithium-ion batteries. However, the technology still has room for improvement, today’s long-range e-bikes provide an exciting early glimpse of the possibilities of electric mobility.


  1. What is considered a long-range e-bike?

E-bikes with a range of 100 miles or more on a single charge are generally considered long range. Models with large battery capacities over 500Wh can typically achieve 100+ mile ranges under ideal conditions.

  1. How far can the longest-range e-bikes travel on one charge?

The longest-range e-bikes today can travel 200-300 miles on a single charge. For example, the Optibike R22 Everest claims up to 300 miles of range from its massive 1.1kWh battery. More affordable models like the Juiced Scorpion can still reach around 200 miles.

  1. What factors affect an e-bike’s range capability?

Key factors impacting range include battery capacity, motor efficiency, rider input via pedaling, assist levels, terrain, tire pressure, bike weight, weather, etc. Choosing more conservative assist settings, maintaining the bike well, and minimizing loads help maximize any e-bike’s range.

  1. Are longer-range e-bikes heavier?

Yes, in general, longer-range e-bikes carry larger, heavier batteries. So increased range capabilities typically add weight, which must be balanced when designing and selecting the frame, components, etc. Lighter frames like carbon fiber can help offset heavier batteries.



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